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JAMA Infrared barrier BIR3 for other brands



Descriptive :

The new version of this IR barrier will allow to manage in an "intelligent" way the camera and the flash that accompanies it according to what one wishes to do.

If you want to take shots of nocturnal mammals, bats, flying sparrows, or drops of water the settings are very different. On this IR Barrier you have a function selector numbered from 1 to 9 that corresponds to a usage.

The infrared receiver will intelligently manage the camera and flash to make nocturnal mammals, bats, passerines in flight, or drops of water.

The infrared barrier BIR2 can be used with the BIR3 either in cross-barrier mode or in parallel barrier mode. The Bcroix mode will allow to be selective on a specific area of ??the beam. Parallel mode will increase the possibilities of shooting since it is enough that one of the two IR beams is cut to trigger the camera or the flash.

Here is a description of the nine possible functions:

Normal: triggering of the single camera like the BIR2.

Top-mirror: this function keeps the mirror up, which gives a low reaction time. Ideal for shooting insects or sparrows in flight.

Flash wakeup: that is, reactivates the flash every 90s to prevent the flash from going to sleep. This function will be very useful for nocturnal raptor photos.

Wake up the flash as soon as the beam breaks and starts shooting 2.5s later. This function is intended for night mammal pictures.

Opens the shutter for a variable time and triggers the flash when the beam breaks, then closes the shutter and starts a new sequence. If the beam has not been broken for a preset time the shutter will be closed and re-opened 2.5s later.

This function is perfect for bat pictures in flight.

Opens the shutter and releases the flash after a variable time and closes the shutter. This function is suitable for shooting water drops in the studio.

Same as mode 1 but with the possibility of putting a second barrier in parallel which increases the possibilities of tripping and therefore of success.

Same as mode 2 but in parallel mode.

Same as mode 5 but in parallel mode.

Modes 1 to 6 manage the Bcroix which is integrated in the BIR3.

In addition to these 9 functions the receiver can be powered with 4 AA batteries or battery which gives more autonomy.

The outputs are on jack 3.5 mm stereo (and therefore different from the BIR2)

The transmitter has been optimized for minimum power consumption and runs on a 9v battery or with the optional Alim1 that can power it with 6 AA batteries.

The IR transmitter and receiver will be delivered with a remote control cable dedicated to your camera. This cord has a length of 10 m without extension. If this length seems too fair or too long we can make a cord to the length you want.

Optionally you can get a cord to trigger your flash and an external power supply.

This new barrier will significantly increase the success of your shots. It comes from many years of experience of our workshop on the realization of IR barrier. If you already have an IR JAMA barrier it will fit in well with this new set.

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Think of specify the make and model of your case when ordering.

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