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Redged video pan head RPH-69

Redged video pan head RPH-69 Larger image



The Redged RPH-69 Video Pan Head is a panoramic head strong, yet very compact. The head can be used for equipment weighing up to 6kg. The combination of compactness and robustness this cup is ideal for camcorders, but also for birdwatching through telescopes and for digiscoping. The pan and tilt can be easily adjusted to the desired flexibility with individual friction settings.

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SUNWAYFOTO - GH-03 Dual Gimbal Head for Photo + Video Shooting

SUNWAYFOTO - GH-03 Dual Gimbal Head for Photo + Video Shooting Larger image

Ref : SNGH3


SUNWAYFOTO - GH-03 Double Pendulum Head for Photo + Video Shooting:


GH-03 is a dedicated quick-positioning dual-camera pendulum head for tc telephoto lenses, widely applied in bird photography and sports shooting.

Exquisitely machined all-aluminum body with a hard anodized finish ensuring durability and resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

  •      Height: 162mm
  •      weight: 1 kg 400
  •      weight supported: up to 30 kg

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SUNWAYFOTO - Gimbal Head GH-02

SUNWAYFOTO -  Gimbal Head GH-02 Larger image

Ref : SNGH2


SUNWAYFOTO - Pendulum head GH-02:

Adjustable pendulum head, supports 30 Kgs!

This pendulum head which is both ultra-light (980g) and ultra-robust (supports 30 Kgs) offers a height adjustment of the case over a stroke of 100mm.

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BENRO - ball head IN2

BENRO - ball head IN2 Larger image


Order only

The Benro IN2 ball joint Benro has a PU60 quick release plate with Arca-Swiss attachment system and can withstand a maximum load of 10 kg, with a weight of 410 g.

  •      Weight: 0.41 kg
  •      Load capacity: 10 kg
  •      Quick release plate provided: PU-60 (Arca-Swiss)
  •      Adjustment knobs for panoramic movements
  •      Graduated rules for more precision
  •      Integrated spirit level

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Dietmar head

Dietmar head Larger image


Order only

This item presents several assets compared to other models.

  • Light: 1.1 kg.
  • Small size: 24 x 18 x 12cm.

Three different size of tray for different telephoto lens or cameras are included.

Remarks :

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SWAROVSKI - CTH compact tripod head

SWAROVSKI - CTH compact tripod head Larger image


Order only

SWAROVSKI - CTH compact tripod head:

The compact CTH tripod head is specially designed for rapid observation and digiscoping. The Arca-Swiss compatible quick release mechanism allows SWAROVSKI OPTIK spotting scopes to be installed quickly and precisely on the tripod head, for a safe and comfortable observing experience.

The counterweight system also prevents the equipment from tipping backwards or forwards, even if not locked, while the integrated fluid bearing ensures smooth, even movements.

  •      Height approx.: 90 mm
  •      Weight approx. : 570g
  •      weight supported: 5 kg

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SWAROVSKI - Professional PTH tripod head

SWAROVSKI - Professional PTH tripod head Larger image

Ref : PTH

Order only

SWAROVSKI - Professional PTH tripod head:

The new PTH professional tripod head is ideally suited for extended observation periods. The integrated fluid bearing guarantees smooth and homogeneous movements.

Once correctly adjusted, the professional PTH tripod head preserves the stability of the entire spotting scope.

  •      Height approx. : 24cm
  •      Weight approx. : 1.3 kg
  •      maximum weight supported: 8 kg

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BENRO - Head for monopod

BENRO - Head for monopod Larger image

Ref : DJ90

Not available

La rótula de bola Benro DJ90 está diseñada para monopies y permite realizar movimientos de palanca hacia delante / hacia atrás o para alinearse verticalmente con facilidad. Tiene una placa universal de liberación rápida Arca-Swiss con tornillo de sujeción.

  •      Altura: 8 cm
  •      Peso: 240 g
  •      Peso máximo admitido: 2,5 kg

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