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Who are we?

ImageJAMA p.c. was been created in October 1989. The head office is settled in Millau, 100 km from Montpellier, France, at the foot of the world’s biggest viaduct.
The word JAMA is from the first 2 initials of my name: JARDEL MARC. I’m an active member of the French “LPO”: Bird protection association, and various other animal protection associations.

Who is JAMA?


I’m an electronics engineer who specializes in photography equipment, specifically animal photography.
In these technologic days, I can make any prototype you wish for a specific work or specifications; the results will make a clear distinction between you and your colleagues.

The more complicated it is the more I like it!

I can also make customised mechanical animal traps to the specification of the order; however I am not equipped to make adaptor rings for Nikon- Canons for example, or equipment of that level.

On this web site, you will find already lots of answers to your questions, but if not, you can contact us for further information about the choice of an electronic equipment, tripod, tent, back pack, or other items which are not found in the catalogue.

I am alone to make the work from start to finish; in that way I try my best to do a job as close to my customer’s requests.

Notice that lots of the items in this catalogue are made in Europe, a fact rare enough nowadays to be mentioned!

JAMA also provides the installation service of video cameras in the nature for birds or bat… watching observations. Several installations are running in France with the aim to introduce to the public and to help scientists to understand the mysteries of Mother Nature. For example: the osprey in the Orleans’s wood, The vulture in the “gorges de la Jonte”, the watch of a “puffin” nest in an isle offshore of Marseille, Chiropters colony in Bagnere-de-Bigorre (Pyrenees), the Bonnely eagle at Aix-en-Provence and some other older… .


Venez nous voir dans nos locaux

Les locaux Jama à Millau

L'équipe de Jama a intégré de nouveaux locaux.

Notre nouvelle adresse :
574 rue de Pradals, Parc d'activité MILLAU VIADUC
B 20 - 12100 MILLAU France


  • JAMA est toujours à Millau, mais dans un bâtiment plus grand et en structure bois.
  • JAMA est maintenant à 5 minutes de l’autoroute Clermont-Ferrand/Bézier ou Montpellier, juste avant le péage du Viaduc de Millau (voir plan).
  • JAMA propose aux visiteurs un espace d'accueil confortable.
  • JAMA répond à vos questions avec 2 lignes téléphoniques au lieu d’une avant.
  • JAMA augmente le stock de matériel disponible pour vous livrer au plus vite.

Comment venir ?

Comment venir chez Jama ?

1 - Autoroute A75, sortie Péage du Viaduc de Millau à 800 mètres direction Rodez,
2 - puis 1ère à droite, au 1er rond-point tout droit,
3 - puis 2ème rond-point à droite Lot B20

Du centre-ville de Millau, prendre direction Cap du Crès, puis la D911 jusqu'au rond-point près de l'autoroute.

Latitude : 44.143065
Longitude : 3.028587


Latitude : 44° 8'37.22"N
Longitude : 3° 1'45.57"E

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