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Security & Payment - How to order ?

The security of credit card payments

Transactions on this site are secured by the payment system of the Credit Agricole e-transactions.
When you enter your bank details, you are directly in connection with the server for payment of Credit Agricole. JAMA.FR does not, therefore your credit card number and it is not stored on its server.
In addition, all information exchanged with the Crédit Agricole is encrypted using the SSL protocol and can not be intercepted or altered.
With e-transactions, you are guaranteed that the merchant with whom you deal is referenced to cash transactions on the Internet.

At the end of the transaction, before returning to the merchant site, e-transactions you an electronic ticket covering all elements of the payment and the result of the application for leave bank (transaction accepted or canceled).

various stages of securing credit card payments online. 1

. Each request for payment, the buyer switches JAMA.FR server to the server e-payment transactions in connection with the banking world. 2

. The buyer arrived on an SSL encrypted payment, 3

. Entering the card number and request for authorization. The link between the buyer and the server e-transactions is established HTTPS, Secure SSL, which encrypts all information exchanged. This coverage protects data sent via the Internet and assure the buyer that his credit card number can not be intercepted by a third clear during his transfer to the secure server ; e-transactions.

4. The authorization center of the bank returns an authorization number or a refusal. If payment is accepted, the e-transactions then performs the following:
- Display payment confirmation on the screen of the buyer
- Send payment confirmation by e-mail to JAMA.FR. The card number is not returned against NEVER àJAMA.FR.

5. In the final payment, the buyer is redirected to the website JAMA.FR where it can resume the course of his visit.

Make sure you are in secure mode when you pay online.
In this case, a closed padlock appears at the bottom of the browser:


With Internet Explorer




With Netscape

The beginning of the website http://www shown at the top of the screen changes to https: / / www The "S" following "http" indicates that the communication is protected.


Other payment methods

Regulation by fax :

If you prefer to send us details of your credit card by fax, simply choose at the end of your command "payment by fax. Your information will be immediately treated confidentially and your order will be validated. Blue cards, VISA and Mastercard are accepted ...


Payment by check :

If you do not have a credit card, you can also pay by check.
Your order will be processed upon receipt of your check, delivery will be slightly longer than a credit card payment.


Payment by bank transfer :

On our site, we also allow you to pay by bank transfer.
Your order will be processed upon receipt of your transfer.


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