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Outdoor Photographer's Optical Cleaning Kit

Outdoor Photographer's Optical Cleaning Kit Larger image

Ref : Kinephoto


When you are taking photographs on trips, tours, at sports meetings and for all outdoor activities there is always a risk of the camera and objectives getting dirty.

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Anti-static brush SW-030

Anti-static brush SW-030 Larger image

Ref : KINESW030


An anti-static brush to remove dust safely on your goals, cameras, camera, CD, DVD, etc ...;

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Panther Cloth

Panther Cloth Larger image

Ref : KIN706518


A Static and Dust Control Product
For WET use with Solvents and Cleaners!

The Kinetronics MPC-BP is an anti-static, microfiber cloth that has been specifically engineered for cleaning with liquids and solutions.

Remarks :

Dimensions : 250 mm x 450 mm

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Kinetronics Digital Scanner Glass Cleaning Kit

Kinetronics Digital Scanner Glass Cleaning Kit Larger image


Not available

For cleaning objectives, spectacles lenses, scanner glass and binoculars. Also suitable for plastic lenses.

The set is supplied in a robust plastic box containing:

  • 60 ml (2 oz) of cleaning fluid in a pump spray bottle
  • Panther Anti-static Cleaning Cloth

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Brossantistatic SW-060

Brossantistatic SW-060 Larger image


Not available

Une brosse anti-statique pour enlever sans risque les poussières sur vos objectifs, appareils photo, caméra, CD, DVD, etc.

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Anti-Static Cloth

Anti-Static Cloth Larger image


Not available

This anti-static cleaning cloth consists is made of a highly conductive textile containing two different types of fibers. The soft basic textile weave of microfibers has hundreds of tiny pockets, which collect particles of dust and dirt.

Remarks :

Size: 250mm x 450mm.

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