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Ledlenser Headlamp

Ledlenser Headlamp Larger image




When lightness rhymes with absolute luminosity.

Our headlamp designed for outdoor spaces is the lightest in its class, and weighs no more than a warm woolen cap; its power in remarkable lumens is comparable to that of the usual torch lamps, which must however multiply their layers to equal it. In addition, the MH6 is particularly easy to use. It warns you in the event of a weak battery, and its transport safety makes it possible to avoid the lamp to light up in your pocket. All you have to do: turn it on, turn it off, and recharge it on occasion - not forgetting to buy it, of course.

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Ledlenser Compact Flashlight

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Compact Flashlight

True greatness is born from within. To spread to the outside.

This ultra compact and powerful torch light keeps nature close at hand. The front lamp switch makes it easy to hold, and the USB 3.0 technology allows you to charge it around the world in no time. Not a challenge does him enough scared to stay hidden in the back of the backpack. No risk for it, thanks to its handy pocket clip.

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TETRA - Lantern turning into a flashlight

TETRA - Lantern turning into a flashlight Larger image



TETRA: Lantern turning into a flashlight

The Tetra lamp is both a lantern, a flashlight and serves as a rechargeable power station for your portable digital devices.

The first function of the UCO Tetra USB charger is to illuminate. Indeed, this is a lantern that you can also use as a torch. In lantern mode, you can hang it or place it on its base.

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Battery tester Voltcraft MS 229 LCD

Battery tester Voltcraft MS 229 LCD Larger image



Easy to use and accurate, the MS 229 LCD tester detects defective batteries and displays them on its digital display voltage and remaining capacity in%.

  • Requires 2 LR44 batteries (included).
  • Dim: 133 x 33 x 22mm. Weight 85g.

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