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Batbox Bâton

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The Baton is an economic but versatile bat detector that uses frequency division to detect all species simultaneously by monitoring the whole spectrum of ultrasound between 20kHz and 120kHz. The Baton is the first bat detector to offer an economical way to listen to, and record, bat calls using frequency division detection.

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Batbox duet

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The Batbox Duet is a dual-mode bat detector, with both heterodyne and frequency division, which has been designed for single-handed operation. The large LCD back-lit display is extremely accurate and easy to read at all light levels. Frequency amplitude detection allow post-recording computer analysis of sonar peak-frequencies.

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Batbox III D - Détecteur hétérodyne

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Ref : BatBoxIIID


Batbox III D - Heterodyne detector:

…leader in the field of heterodyne detectors

The new Batbox III D is a heterodyne bat detector, which incorporates the latest technologies, while retaining all the best qualities of its predecessor. The easy-to-read digital display, one-handed operation, high sensitivity and ruggedness make it an essential field tool for the professional or amateur batworker.

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SONY MDR-ZX310 Stereo Headphones

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SONY - MDR-ZX310 Stereo Headphones:

Helmet with compact and original folding mechanism for easy transport and storage. Double-sided cable. Cable length approx. 1.20 m.

  •      Lightweight, foldable design for optimal music mobility
  •      30mm ferrite drivers for powerful, balanced sound
  •      Frequency range 10-24,000 Hz
  •      Padded ear cups for great listening comfort
  •      Wide choice of colors to adapt the product to your style

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