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JAMA Photo trigger from a photo trap



Descriptive :

Device for triggering a photo SLR equipped with a remote control socket from triggering a photo trap. When the photo trap detects a subject, the camera will be triggered at the same time.

The principle is to power the photo trap by an external power supply 6v or 12v the device will continuously measure the power consumption and triggers the camera as soon as the current increases. If the photo trap makes a refreshing of 3 photos the reflex camera will do the same 3 photos, if one asks the trap photo to work only at night the trips will be done only at night. So we can take advantage of all the features of the photo trap to make beautiful shots with its Canon, Nikon ... You can also put the photo trap in video in this case the reflex films if it is possible to do so Is the case with the Canon 7DMkII for example.

It is recommended to use an external battery 6v or 12v depending on the photo traps which allows and power the photo trap and to operate this equipment. All photo traps in our catalog are powered from these batteries, we have all connectors including for Bushnell. These batteries are rechargeable on the mains.

The battery (6v or 12v) is rechargeable and comes with a charger. The battery can be used even if the small box is not connected to the camera. This gelled lead battery is transportable under any conditions, it is easily recyclable, rechargeable, and especially double or triple the standby time of your photo trap.

Le CUDDEBACK, le Bushwacker (ou Big Eye D3), le Ltl Acorn fonctionnent  les Bushnell ancien et les ref 119598, 119739, 119740 fonctionnent en 6V

119837-119874-119875-119876-119877 le Stealth Cam, le cameleon GSM (ou non) fonctionnent en 12V

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Remarks :

CAUTION: Only Cuddeback and Big eye D3 (Bushwhacker) photo traps work with a 6v battery. For all the others presented on our website, the battery is in 12v.

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