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CAMRANGER - CamRanger 2 battery


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CAMRANGER - CamRanger 2 Battery:

The original CamRanger, CamRanger mini and CamRanger 2 are all powered by an internal battery.


  •     CamRanger 2 Battery
  •     Rechargeable and replaceable lithium-ion battery
  •     Battery life: approximately 5+ hours (less for Fuji cameras and depending on usage)
  •     Charging time: about 4-6 hours
  •     Charge via: micro USB cable in device, external battery charger or USB power bank
  •     Size: custom size 18650 (not AA or AAA)

The CamRanger 2 battery lasts approximately 5 hours.

This is a custom size 18650 rechargeable and replaceable lithium ion battery.

It is NOT an AA or AAA battery.

Spare batteries are available.

The battery can be charged in the CamRanger 2 unit with a micro USB cable, or by using an external battery charger which can charge 2 batteries at a time. A battery brick can also be used to charge the battery.


CamRanger 2 Battery

Battery charging time depends on the source but takes an average of 4-6 hours. The 5V 2A input is ideal. Lower current input can be used, but charging may take longer. While charging, the charging indicator turns orange. If there is a failure during charging, the orange LED will flash. Please try to remove and reinsert the battery to clear the error. It may also be helpful to unplug the charger from the device before plugging it back in. Charging is complete when the orange charge light turns off. The CamRanger can still be used while charging the battery in the unit.


Some Sony and Fuji cameras can be powered via the USB cable when connected to the CamRanger. With all Sony cameras and some Fuji cameras, this can and should be turned off in the camera menu. Most Fuji cameras do not allow this option to be turned off and the CamRanger's battery life will therefore be around half when using most Fuji cameras.


The CamRanger 2 battery is designed with a number of safety features. However, care should be taken when using or storing batteries. It is important to follow the precautions listed in the picture.

Weight : 5.00 g

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