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Panoramic Head D4 ARCA SWISS

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Descriptive :

Panoramic Head D4 ARCA SWISS :


Inventing the panoramic head gear d4, ARCA-SWISS marks the end of adjustment levers 3D heads that extend in all directions and constantly annoy you in your work. Gone are the irregular rotation of the device! Also finished the excessive size, heavy weight and all the well-known drawbacks plaguing the photographer. These bearings go straight to the point!

The innovative design of the ARCA-SWISS d4 head coincide perfectly pivot points of the X and Y axes result of this new concept of rotation ray identical and minimal. Very small movements of the camera are possible, and accordingly, it happens almost more differences of scale while so far they contribute to reduce the depth of field in digital photography and forced too often painful corrections.

The gear movement along the axes X and Y are produced by separate mechanisms, made of special high strength alloy.

Every tilt movement has its own fine adjustment knob and a lockable free wheel button. Movements can therefore be optional in "freewheel" mode. The two buttons once loosened offers freedom of movement like a ball. This possibility of free movement on the two axes of freedom ensures a setting similar to that provided by a spherical ball. A friction compensation of gravity prohibits all movements fall of the appliance down.

As the cube C1 ARCA-SWISS, head ARCA-SWISS d4 has basically a rotating device which aligns the camera view and a panoramic system in the mount device for panoramic movements which retain the pivot axis. In this panoramic system are two bubble levels oriented at 90 ° to turn the unit level.

Furthermore tilts in X and Y and panoramic rotation, the mount device ARCASWISS allows forward or backward on the camera axis exhibition, a sort of fourth dimension, as underlined by the name d4.

The outstanding features of the d4 also include a record weight of just over 800g only. There is no smaller mechanical head on the market!

Special ARCA-SWISS D4M model contains no gear: his movements are performed manually in all directions. Its other features are identical to those of the d4 however.

Head gear ARCA-SWISS d4 complete the most innovative range of tripod heads, as ARCA-SWISS C1 Cube and ARCA-SWISS monoball® p and monoball® Z. The d4 is particularly intended for a specific job and effective digital studio photography, architectural photography as well as outdoors. D4 is the head of the smallest gear, the most functional and lightest in the world.

Characteristics of possible movements:

  • Pan base
  • Panoramic summit
  • Forward tilt (Tilt): 105°
  • Backward tilt: 95°
  • Tilt left: 35°
  • Tilt to the right: 35°


  • Length: 110mm
  • Width: 90mm
  • Height: 100mm
  • Weight: 800gr
  • Can carry up to 30kg
warranty 3 years

Weight : 800.00 g

Remarks :

Also in Flip-lock version, ask we for their.

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