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ARCA SWISS - Monoball P0 Ball Head with 1/4 "Thread, 3/8" (801211)



Descriptive :

ARCA SWISS - Monoball P0 Ball Head with 1/4 "Thread, 3/8" (801211) :


The new ball ARCA SWISS-P, is a cousin of the planets, with its patented worldwide, ARCA-SWISS confirms its position as the leading designer ball Tripod for 40 years. At first glance, we especially note the absence of lock button.

Whatever the position of the user to the tripod, it can now intuitively grasp the body of the ball and stop the unit by simply rotating the knurled part. Finished fumble for the lock button!

The head is equipped with three clamping elements arranged like planets around the ball. These clamping elements or planets are gears that surround the ball, and their synchronized action, exert on it a perfectly uniform strength.

This configuration ensures consistent movements of the camera in all directions. Since the unit is now located directly on the ball and not on its neck, the movements are perfectly stabilized, like a buoy.

The aspherical ball creates further friction proportional to gravity, thereby avoiding a sudden switching of the device. The unusual position of the panoramic system directly beneath the unit holder allows panning which keeps perfectly vertical orientation.

ARCA-SWISS patella monoball P is available in two versions, the monoball p0 and p0 monoball p1. The version presented here, particularly affordable, has a tilt range of 90° ball and panning 360 degrees.

Despite his record weight of only 280g and compact dimensions, it applies a holding force without competition until 20kg.

  • Dimensions: h = 74mm,
  • Diameter = 60mm
  • Weight of ball: 280g
  • The head is capable of carrying up to 20kg

Bookmark and Share Weight : 280.00 g
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Remarks :

Arca Swiss ball joints are delivered without tray

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