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LEE Filters 100mm Neutral Density Grad Set - Hard


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Descriptive :

Resin Kit filters specially designed to get the best exposure

This set of GND resin filters allows you to shoot in situations where exposure is complicated to manage.

The most common use of filters is to GND darken the sky of a landscape, so that exposure between the top and bottom of the image is perfect, without affecting the color balance.

With a Soft version provides a smoother transition and more subtle. Neutral density (degraded or not) do not alter the colors.

A kit of three filters for all situations
With this kit 3 GND Hard filters, you'll be able to photograph in many situations where the exhibition will be difficult to master. The densities included in this kit are 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9. You also have the possibility of combining them to obtain higher densities. For example: a 0.9 a 0.3 a 1.2 give. However it is always best to use a single filter to limit the color variations that can occur during this combination.

Get the best exposure
The peculiarity of GND filters (Neutral Density Graduated Neutral Density = degraded) is to reduce the brightness of a selected area of ??your image. The sensors of digital cameras have a limited dynamic range (ability to capture light and dark areas in the same image). Therefore, in situations where you have high variations of exhibitions, it is difficult for your camera to expose correctly, both the sky and ground in a single shot. The most common use of filters is GND also darken the sky of a landscape, so that exposure between the top and bottom of the image is perfect. Thus the dynamics of the image will become much more important!

How to choose your density
The intensity of these filters begin to be 0.3 1 stop. This means that by using this filter, the dark part of the filter will give an exposure compensation a notch compared to the clear part.

Example: In a landscape where the sky is 2 stops brighter than the land, the dark part of a GND filter 0.6 will be on the sky to ensure consistent exposure.

There is also possibility to combine these with GND filters ND filters (within the limits of the filter holder capabilities) to vary the effets.Ce kit contains filters:

  • GND 0.3 (reduces exposure diaph 1)
  • GND 0.6 (reduces exposure by 2 stops of latitude below)
  • GND 0.9 (reduces exposure by 3 stops of latitude below)

Requires an adapter ring to the diameter of the lens used and the filter holder.

Learn more about Lee Filters:
Lee filters are renowned worldwide for their high accuracy and color fidelity. They are designed for professionals and enthusiasts concerned about the quality of their images.

It is also much simpler to use these filters when taking pictures and get a perfect image, rather than doing it in software. Moreover many effects are difficult to recreate then or impossible such as the polarizing filter. Lee The system allows you to have only one set of filters and using rings of different diameters to fit all of your equipment.

The Lee system is a sustainable investment.

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