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TRAGOPAN - CamShield - Protection for NIKON 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR lens

Ref : CSNI50056PF001A


Descriptive :

TRAGOPAN - CamShield - Protection for NIKON 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR lens:

This telephoto lens protection kit consists of:


- silicone rings that cover the various controls and the clamping collar of the tripod.

- silicone caps which cover the tightening knobs of the sun visor and the tripod clamp

- a thermoformed EVA foam element that covers the main body of the telephoto lens with access to the focusing ring via two openings that open and close by press stud and access to the zoom ring via two other identical openings

- a thermoformed EVA foam element that protects the sun visor

- a thermoformed EVA foam lens cover in one piece, equipped with a strap and a clasp to hold it in place on the sun visor


The CAMSHIELD protection kit offers shockproof protection thanks to the shock absorption capacity of its thick EVA foam. The water-repellent treatment protects the lens from occasional water-related risks such as snow, morning dew, a light drizzle...

Particular attention has been paid to ensure that no part of the telephoto lens is left bare, visible, thus avoiding wear of the paint and thus allowing the telephoto lens to be kept in optimum condition for possible second-hand resale without depreciation.

The number of elements composing the kit has been reduced to a minimum in order to limit the risk of dust or water infiltrating the interstices of the telephoto lens, in particular the focusing ring. The rigidity of the EVA foam gives it a perfect hold on the lens and does not deform over time compared to neoprene.


The silicone parts make it possible to operate, through this one, all the different controls of the telephoto lens such as the autofocus mode, stabilization, the focus distance ranges... and this, even with gloves.


Access to the focus ring and zoom ring is through two openings in the main body which are covered by two snap-fastened covers. A snap button located on the outside of one of these covers keeps them in the open position, flat against the telephoto lens (see photo).


The lens cover is retained on the front of the sun visor via a strap and a clasp in the closed position, this allows it to be kept also on the bottom of the sun visor in the open position, or even on the middle of the main body to use it as a ground-level shooting prop.



  •     Weight: XX gr (including XX gr lens cover)
  •     Materials: Rings and knob caps in silicone / main body, sun visor and lens cover in poly-cotton laminated to 4mm thick thermoformed EVA foam. The poly-cotton has a water-repellent treatment and UV protection.
  •     Pattern: available in four “Spring” or “Multi-season undergrowth” colours, plain white and plain brown.

Weight : 150.00 g

149.00 € VAT included Add to Cart

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