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VANGUARD - VEO RANGE T 48M Tactical Camera Backpack

Ref : VRAT48BG


Descriptive :

VANGUARD - VEO RANGE T 48M tactical camera backpack - Beige:

The VEO Range T48 ultra-versatile tactical camera backpack has an interior that can be adapted to fit almost any combination of camera kits, making it a perfect companion for virtually anyone - not just photographers. Plus, the outer strap can be configured to secure almost any kit for your trip. (max lens: 400 mm)

The VEO Range Tactical T 48 Tactical Backpack is truly a backpack that does almost anything and everything. The spacious interior allows you to fit, for example, a professional digital SLR camera with grip, up to 9 lenses (400mm f / 2.8), a flash, a 15 "laptop (or 16" MacBook Pro) and many accessories such as memory cards, cables, batteries and a charger. However, this interior is fully customizable and can be configured to hold lenses up to 400mm f / 2.8.

The top two internal dividers (which can be used to create a backpack section) include a 'hinge' that allows them to rotate 90 ° - allowing you to use the full height of the backpack without sacrificing storage. high. This is perfect for carrying a travel tripod or spotting scope securely inside the backpack, next to another camera.

There is also an aftermarket divider that fits over the backpack to provide additional support and protect the kit from underneath when fully loaded. Configure the backpack for easier top access to your camera and a longer lens without compromising storage at the bottom of the bag (which could even be space for personal items like a jacket). Alternatively, just remove the interior dividers and you have a comfortable backpack for everyday or hiking.

The exterior has multiple straps on the front and sides which can be used to attach other accessories. For example, using the included tripod pocket, when used with the included top straps, allows you to carry a tripod to the side or front for better balance. There are also multiple pockets for SD cards, cables, and other accessories you might need for your shots. A pocket is included to keep all your essentials close at hand, whether it's snacks, spare SD cards or camera batteries.

Enjoy full rear access to your camera and lenses for maximum safety on the go. Fully open, this allows you to tailor the interior to your needs. For quick access, the bag is configured for side opening.

This backpack features chunky, textured zippers that make them easy to grab and open, even in cold, wet weather, or when you're wearing gloves.

With exterior dimensions of only 300 x 190 x 480mm and a weight of 2.18kg, this backpack can be used as hand luggage with most major airlines but we always recommend you check with your airline. Aerial.

The backpack also features a padded and comfortable shoulder strap system with an adjustable chest strap, top straps to pull the top firmly and a padded waist belt. In addition, the padded backrest is designed for air circulation. This allows you to transport your equipment comfortably for long periods of time, over the most difficult terrain. This backpack is well padded to protect your gear. In addition, the bag is made with a water resistant material and a seam sealed rain cover (Rain Cover).

For smaller cameras and a more traditional interior setup, consider the VEO T 45M Camera Backpack, which accommodates up to 5 lenses and includes a removable top section.



    Easy access: rear access, quick side access and the ability to configure the camera bag for top access
    Travel oriented: meets most major airlines for carry-on baggage transport
    Holds a tripod outside of the backpack using the removable foot pocket
    Small backpack section can be set up for everyday items or even more photography gear
    Ultimate Versatility: Can be configured for your everyday belongings or even more photography gear
    Comfortable: Ergonomic well-padded harness system and padded back with airflow
    Always protected - well padded
    EASY OPENING: With chunky textured zippers that make it easy to open, even when wearing gloves
    High-quality, water-resistant material with an additional sealed rain cover (Rain Cover)


(possibility of configuration)

  •     1 reflex camera with attached lens
  •     3 additional lenses (up to 70-200 f / 2.8)
  •     1 pair of binoculars
  •     1 compact spotting scope
  •     Accessories (memory cards, cables, battery and charger)
  •     1 laptop PC (15.6 "max)
  •     1 smartphone
  •     1 bottle of water
  •     Personal effects


  •     Bag Type: Tactical Backpack
  •     Config. possible: 1 Box | 9 obj. | acc.
  •     Nb of boxes: 1
  •     Nb of objectives: 9
  •     Max lens accepted: 400mm f / 2.8
  •     Suitable for devices: Hybrid (Mirrorless)
  •     Small Reflex: Reflex
  •     Reflex with grip: May contain
  •     1 Tripod: Several objectives
  •     1 Housing with obj. : Accessories
  •     1 Smartphone: Memory cards
  •     1 Laptop
  •     Features: Quick access
  •     Computer compartment
  •     Rain Cover
  •     Tripod Bracket
  •     All the time
  •     Opening type: On the side; In back
  •     Main compartment volume: 27 l
  •     Internal dimensions (complete compartment - W x D x H): 300 x 190 x 480 mm
  •     Internal dimensions (housing compartment - W x D x H): 300 x 190 x 480 mm
  •     External dimensions (W x D x H): 325 x 250 x 500 mm
  •     Weight: 2.18 kg
  •     Max load: 11.5 kg
  •     Cabin size compatible: Yes
  •     Inner material: 150D Polyester | Velvet
  •     Outer material (list): 600D Polyester
  •     Barcode: 4719856249186

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Sand color (beige) in stock

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