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Manfrotto base with fluid for foot retractable monopods (Ø 20mm)

Ref : MVA50A


Descriptive :

Fluid base that quickly turns a monopod monopod photo video by adding fluidity to the movement.

The MVA50A can be easily attached to the last section of a picture monopod and can be used with:

  • Monopods 679B, 680B and 558B Manfrotto
  • All monopods whose last section has a diameter of 20 mm.

For this unscrew the upper cylindrical portion of the base fluid and remove the two plastic parts in an arc lying in the hole.

Remove the rubber tip of your monopod and fasten it easily to the fluid base by inserting it into the hole and then placing the two plastic parts previously removed to block the whole.

Finally, screw the upper cylindrical part to stiffen and block together.


  • Secure Load capacity: 8 kg
  • material: aluminum
  • weight: 0380 kg

Bookmark and Share Weight : 380.00 g
Delivery schedule :

114.90 € 103.50€ VAT included Add to Cart

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