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LEOFOTO - MOUNTAIN LN-364C Carbon Tripod

Ref : LN364C


Descriptive :

LEOFOTO - MOUNTAIN LN-364C Carbon Tripod:

Série MOUNTAIN  (LN-364C)


The Leofoto LN-364C Mountain Professional Carbon Tripod is a versatile tripod.

This classic carbon tripod can support up to 35 kilos and can reach a maximum working height of 160 cm without a central column.

The legs have a diameter of 36mm.

The tripod weighs only 2.8 pounds and measures folded without a tripod head 62.5 cm long, perfect for transport.

This tripod is perfect for any photographer, no matter whether you are using a professional camera or a video camera.

Tripod made of ultra-strong carbon:

It is well known that carbon tripods are proportionally very light and extremely robust. They are also perfect for absorbing shakes. The LN-364C Carbon Professional Tripod is no exception to this rule. This extremely robust tripod highlights all the benefits of carbon. It is made of 10 layers of cross-woven and reinforced carbon fibers and its legs have a minimum diameter of 25 mm and a maximum of 36 mm. This means that the thinnest leg has the thickest leg diameter of most normal carbon tripods. Whether you're attaching a medium or large format camera, or a professional camera, Leofoto's LN-364C carbon tripod helps you get the job done.

Solid body without central column:

The Leofoto LN-364C does not have a removable center column, which guarantees that the shaking will be limited, to avoid instability. The 75mm tripod plate is detachable for ease of use. The 3/8 "screw allows you to mount any professional tripod heads on the LN-364C. The body of the tripod emptied and is made from a single piece of aeronautical aluminum according to the CAD process, which allows to lose nothing in terms of stability and maintain weight standards. The built-in bubble level makes it easy to install the tripod horizontally. The relatively light weight of a carbon tripod makes the use of a counterweight often necessary in order to work stably. A specially designed removable hook is located below the Leofoto LN-364C tripod plate. For example, you can hang a camera bag or a bag with stones.

Robust tripod legs:


The legs of the solid tripod LN-364C consist of 4 soft sections. They mount and dismount with a locking screw in other words a twistlock. You unscrew the legs of the tripod by simply turning the screw and you screw them just as easily, even with one hand. The legs of the tripod can be fixed in 3 stands and it is possible to obtain a working height of 11.5 cm. Leofoto has added on one leg a silica gel cover so you do not have cold hands when you wear it or hold it. The feet of the tripod are provided with a removable rubber bottom and shock absorber, with stakes, to have a solid grip on all kinds of surface.

Leofoto: The best value for money:

Leofoto is a registered trademark of Zhongshan Laitu Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd., based in Guangdong. Founded in 2014, their many years of experience make them one of the leading specialty manufacturers of photographic equipment in China. The company delivers high quality aluminum and carbon tripods and tripod accessories such as ball joints, connection plates and high quality L plates at a very competitive price. Innovation and quality are two major pillars when it comes to Leofoto products. Its factories, test centers and motivated employees who have a great deal of attention and enthusiasm for their products, guarantee that Leofoto tripods and accessories are at the top of the market.


  •     Folded height: 62.5 cm
  •     Maximum height: 1 m 60
  •     Min height: 11.5 cm
  •     total weight: 2 kg 80
  •     supported weight: 35 kg
  •     max diameter of the tubes: 36 mm
  •     4 sections

10 years warranty

Bookmark and Share Weight : 2800.00 g
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