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FEISOL - Tripod CT-3441SB with ball joint CB-30D

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Descriptive :

FEISOL - Kit Tripod CT-3441SB with ball joint CB-30D:

New version of the CT-3441S says fast.
Indeed, the legs of this tripod lock faster in 1/3 turn, more FEISOL has added a device to prevent the leg turns on itself.

The new improvements also include the protective rubber around the leg clamp ring which is better attached, as well as the protective rubber at the base of each leg that pulls out much harder, but we always recommend taking the FEISOL picks instead of these useful protective rubbers only on fragile floors.

Here are the main advantages:

  •     Tripod weight alone: ??1.19 kg ultra light!
  •     Ball joint weight: 0.290 kg
  •     Weight including center column and kneecap: 1.480 kg
  •     The weight supported: 20 kg !!!!! the hook under the tripod allows to hang a large weight which guarantees the absence of vibration. He is able to bear a huge weight without flinching.
  •     Its quality of manufacture. The parts are machined which gives them an incomparable strength ratio.
  •     Comes with a carrying bag.
  •     Delivered free in France.
  •     Service provided by us.

Tripod in 4 sections of carbon tubes. Several adjustment steps for tilting the tripod. The tubes are locked by a clamping ring.

A clever system makes it possible to place the ball joint between the 3 tubes during the transport which makes it possible to protect it without losing time in the unfolding and to reduce the height during the transport.

All Feisol monopods and tripods come in a carrying bag.

A hook placed under the ball at the top of the tripod allows you to set a weight like your camera bag to help stabilize your shot.

  •     TRIPOD CT-3441S:

The FEISOL CT-3441S combines all the features that made FEISOL tripods so famous. An incredibly lightweight and stable construction combined with state-of-the-art mechanics makes the tripod easy to use.

Like all our tripods, the CT-3441S can also be folded.

in a package of 43 cm only. This is made possible thanks to an innovative device in which the legs can be folded 180 degrees on the central plate. This means that the two-piece expandable center column with the ball head is fully between the legs in the transport position. In addition, the lightweight construction of the CT-3441S allows an incredibly low weight of only 1.19 kg with a maximum load capacity of 20 kg. The CT-3441S travel tripod has 4 leg segments.

With the new Twist-Lock function, the CT-3441S offers another unique feature in this category. Sophisticated design makes twisting and locking much easier than ever before.

The advantages of the FEISOL CT-3441S at a glance:

    Feisol's New Anti-Twist Device - RAPID Technology
    Maximum working height of 176 cm
    Minimum working height 19 cm with short center column (optional)
    Diameter of mounting plate 37 mm / Diameter of main frame 50 mm
    Folded height: 43 cm
    Lighter and yet exceptionally stable construction with extremely low weight of only 1.19 kg
    Practical angle of leg stop 25, 50 and 75 degrees
    Maximum load of 20 kg
    Foot diameter max. 28 mm with aluminum alloy screws on the foot connectors.
    including practical tripod bag
    including tripod hook

The CT-3441S is available with long and short spikes (optional), which gives the tripod exceptional stability and professional maneuverability.

With the CT-3441S, FEISOL offers professionals and passionate enthusiasts the opportunity to travel lightly and always have with them an exceptional tripod. You are ready to take on any challenge during your travels.

  •     CB-30D HEAD:

Compatible with Arca Swiss and Wimberley trays

  •     Height: 8.0 cm / 3.15 inches
  •     Weight: 290 g / 0.63 lbs
  •     Ball diameter: 30 mm / 1.18 inches
  •     Max. carrying capacity: 8 Kg / 18 lbs
  •     Panoramic base diameter: 49 mm / 1.92 inches
  •     Screw size: 3/8 "
  •     with tray QP-144750
  •     Rubberized wheels
  •     Separate pan and tilt buttons

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