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Micnova DSLR Camera GPS Nikon

Ref : GPSN


Descriptive :

GPS for Nikon

  • Geotag (latitude, longitude, time) can be added to the image.

Camera GPS for Nikon


  • Geotag (image positioning information of pictures such as latitude, longitude can be added to the image.
  • Correlation between pictures and maps is supported by GPS function in conjunction with software.


  • Acquired data: Latitude, longitude, altitude, time information.
  • Time required for satellite acquisition: Approx. 45 sec. (cold start), approx. 5 sec. (hot start).
  • Power source: Supplied from camera body.

Receiving indicators:

  • Green blinking (GPS data recorded utilizing three satellites).
  • Green solid (Four or more satellites detected, GPS data are more accurate).
  • Attachment: Attaches to camera's accessory shoe or a camera strap via strap adapter.

Compatible models:

  • N1: Nikon D3S, D3X, D3, D900, D700, D300S, D300, D2X, D2XS, D2HS, D200
  • Fujifilm: FinePix S5Pro
  • N3: Nikon D90, D7000, D7100, D5000, D3100
  • Some models may require an update to the latest version of firmware.

Dimensions: Approx. 47mm(1.8in) x 34mm(1.25in) x 26mm(0.8in)
Gift: A free cable release is included to use with the GPS unit to avoid camera shake when shooting on a tripod and for long exposures (B mode).

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