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Feisol KIT Ballhead CB-40D with Release Plate QP-144750+ Classic Tripod CT-3301 Rapid

Ref : KFCB40DFCT3301

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Descriptive :

Ballhead CB-40D with Release Plate QP-144750

Our brand-new CB-40D inherits all the great features and benefits of it's bigger brother, the classic CB-50D, all at an even lower weight and smaller size.

It's features include FEISOL's innovative dual-caliper lock design for added stability, and an integrated Panning Base.

The CB-40D can be used as a reduced-weight alternative for any of our Standard and Tournament Class Tripods, or as an added load-capacity option for our Traveler Class Tripods, and still accomodates reverse-folding of the Traveler Tripod's legs (an optional larger tripod bag is recommended for this combination).


  • Head height: 9.5cm
  • Weight: 420g
  • Ball diameter: 40mm
  • Max Load: 15Kg
  • Thread size: 3/8"
  • FEISOL Classic Tripod CT-3301

Rapid Rugged lightweight design, superb height! Thanks to its multi-layered carbon-fibre construction, the FEISOL CT-3301 provides exceptional durability as well as superior operation.

Reaching a height of 139 cm, 183 cm with optional center column, the CT-3301 still features a remarkably lightweight design (just 1.18 kg).

Some advantages of the FEISOL CT-3301 to consider: The CT-3301 features multi-layered carbon-fibre legs with metal twist locks for lightweight durability.

The CT-3301 delivers optimal height performance in a lightweight design, weighing just 1.18 kg and reaching a maximum height of 139 cm. incl. tripod bag and hook For both the professional or serious amateur, the CT-3301 is a superb choice in a tripod.

Combining the finest in carbon-fibre construction with state-of-the-art functionality, the CT-3301 brings you the perfect tripod for a wide range of demands.

  • Max. Height: 139cm
  • Folded Length: 60cm
  • Min. Height: 21cm
  • Weight: 1.18kg
  • Max. Load: 9kg
  • Max. Leg Tube Diameter: 28mm

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