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Gura Gear Sabi Super Sack Bean bag

Ref : GuraGearGG427

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Descriptive :

Sabi is more than just another bean bag. Sabi is a compact, yet stable support system that was designed by photographers simply trying to hold still while they shoot.

The innovative double-pillow design lets you adapt to whatever the situation without the bulk of traditional bean bags.

There is no 'wrong' way to use a Sabi; they are designed for versatility. Great for shooting from the car, rocks, tree stumps, or just on the ground. Sabi is perfect for those times when a tripod just doesn't make sense.

Sabi comes in two sizes and can accommodate any glass size. Sabi super is a smarter 'molar style' bag that features a rugged pebbled non-slip surface.

Made in the USA of heavy-duty, PU-coated CORDURA® fabrics and reinforced with double stitching, Sabi will hold up to abuse. Sabi's quality construction features a concealed zipper with a leak-stop tab to keep the fill where it belongs, in the bag.

Sabi ships empty, ready for the fill of your choice. We recommend sustainable fills like birdseed, beans, rice, buckwheat hulls or other easily sourced local fill.

  • Sabi External Dimensions: 8 x 13 x 5 in (21 x 33 x 13 cm)
  • Color: Green
  • Full Depth Variance (depending on fill and position): 4 - 8 in (11 - 20 cm)

Bookmark and Share Weight : 250.00 g
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Remarks :

Sabi ships empty, ready for the fill of your choice.

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