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Monoball Z1 dp (double Pan) Ballhead with Quick Release ARCA SWISS

Ref : PROBALLZ1801113


Descriptive :

ARCA-SWISS Monoball Z1 dp with quick set device "classic" "Monoboll" is a synonym for ball heads, in the same way as "Kleenex" is for a tissue and "Google" is for an Internet search engine.

ARCA-SWISS's monoball has been the very epitome of ball heads since 1964. In 2006, ARCA succeeded in improving the monoball even further by introducing the Z series to replace the now legendary B series.

The new model is not only lighter (currently weighing 660g), but also more stable. On average, it can carry up to 60kg and, thanks to the use of more advanced manufacturing technologies, it is now possible to offer the new Z series at an even more reasonable price.

In the quick-locking mechanism Classic, the camera plate is clamped with a locking screw. dp (=double panorama) means that, in addition to the first panorama swivel unit, one also has a second panorama swivel unit, located between the aspherical ball and the quick-lock plate.

The second panorama swivel unit is indispensable when shooting perfect panorama pictures. The plane of the fast locking mechanism can be brought into the water along with the ball head,allowing the camera to swing in exact parallel to the horizon.

  • Tripod Mount Thread Size: 3/8"-16
  • Height: 103mm
  • Width: 104mm
  • Diameter of the base of the head: 70mm
  • Weight of ball: 805g
  • The head is capable of carrying 60kg

Bookmark and Share Weight : 725.00 g
Delivery schedule :

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