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MANFROTTO - Ergonomic handle and accessory bar for TWISTGRIP



Descriptive :

MANFROTTO - Ergonomic handle and accessory bar for TWISTGRIP:

The TwistGrip Accessory Stabilizer Bracket is a stand with numerous connection points that allows you to attach different accessories to increase the capabilities of your smartphone. These accessories are ideal for both social network videographers and photographers who want to make still shots or videos of a higher technical level. It's perfect for people interested in photography who want to enhance the potential of their smartphone so they can use it instead of their traditional camera.
Decide on the layout of your TwistGrip according to your preferences and discover new ways to free your imagination with your Smartphone with the Manfrotto TwistGrip handle and TwistGrip accessory holder.

The Manfrotto TwistGrip handle is the perfect stabilizing accessory for the Manfrotto TwistGrip. It is an ergonomic handle that allows you to support your smartphone safely and without tiring yourself, increasing the potential of the TwistGrip. This type of accessory is ideal for both more social media-based photographers but also for photographers who want to make still shots or videos of a higher technical level.
The TwistGrip handle connects quickly and easily to the Manfrotto TwistGrip accessory holder with its 1/4 '' universal screw thread. With its ergonomic rubber grip and comfortable safety strap, this equipment is the perfect stabilizer for your smartphone. You can focus on your shots without having to worry about the stability of your smartphone. This accessory holder offers many connections to add accessories to your smartphone so you can take photos or videos. The Manfrotto TwistGrip accessory holder connects quickly and easily to the TwistGrip thanks to its universal ¼ '' screw thread. Thanks to its universal fasteners, this accessory holder is both versatile and flexible.

The accessory stabilizer holder is compact, easy to carry and very versatile: designed in the purest Italian style, it adapts to many situations thanks to its many possible configurations. The Manfrotto TwistGrip handle is made in Italy and its aluminum structure ensures perfect stability for any smartphone.

Characteristics :

  •     Weight: 0.155 kg
  •     Top Mount Element 1: 1/4 ''
  •     Element length 1: 2.2 cm
  •     Length Element 2: 1.5 cm
  •     Element Height 1: 11 cm
  •     Height Element 2: 13.5 cm
  •     Color Element 1: dark gray
  •     Color Element 2: dark gray
  •     Element 1 Materials: Aluminum
  •     Element 2 Materials: Aluminum
  •     Max working temperature Element 1: 60 C
  •     Max working temperature Element 2: 60 C
  •     Working temperature min Element 1: -30 C
  •     Working temperature min Element 2: -30 C
  •     Mounting Method Element 1: 1/4 ''
  •     Mounting Method Element 2: 1/4 ''
  •     Element 1 Quick Tray: No
  •     Element 2 Quick Tray: No
  •     Element 2: 1/4 '' top fixing, cold-shoe
  • warranty : 5 years

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