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Cullmann SMART pano 360 - SMARTpano 360

Ref : SMART50220


Descriptive :

Cullmann SMART pano 360 - Motorized rotating head :


With the electronically controlled panorama head SMART pano 360 you will be able to realize fascinating (selfie) panorama shots, or breathtaking panorama shots of landscapes, places, events, etc.

And it’s so simple: Put up the SMART pano 360, mount the smartphone holder, insert the smartphone (iOS and Android models) and setup the Bluetooth connection. With the infrared remote control you can control the sense of rotation and the rotation speed, trigger the camera or automatically take a shot every 10 seconds, each shot 5 degrees offset.

Not only for smartphones. The SMART pano 360 offers numerous creative possibilities for even more unique selfies – no matter whether from just you on your own, together with friends, during music, sports or other events. An you even have the choice to use the enclosed bracket to fasten a GoPro camera besides your smartphone on the SMART pano 360, or even mount a light compact camera by using the 1/4 inch connection thread.

Discover new possibilities. You would like to take panorama shots from above on your motif, nothing is easier that this. Simple mount the panorama head SMART pano 360 to a suitable selfie stick or a camera monopod via the 1/4 inch connection thread. With the remote control you can conveniently control the panorama head and take fascinating shots from a bird’s eye view

Experience the numerous possible ways of use of the SMART pano 360 with exceptional camera positions, unique shots and lots of fun when discovering new possibilities around photography and video.

Technicality details

  • Max height: 6,3 cm
  • Min height: 6,1 cm
  • Carrying capacity: 0,5 kg
  • Weight: 90 g

Weight : 90.00 g

Remarks :


52.90 € VAT included Add to Cart

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