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TREKKING Swing up Strap



Descriptive :

Photo Swing'UP side strap for SLR and telephoto

The strap "SWING UP" can comfortably carry a heavy box sideways. Made of sturdy nylon webbing, it supports more than 4 Kg load.

Thanks to an original mounting system on the housing base, the latter slides along the nylon strap, all remaining always in a good position during shooting.

Advantage: You can use a tripod without removing the housing base. So you can skip the carry system "SWING UP" to the tripod very quickly, without changes.

The strap SWING UP is especially recommended for users of heavy telephoto lenses. They will appreciate its speed of use for sports photography, animal ...

SWING UP strap is adaptable to all body, without any complicated pre-adjustment. The inner part is equipped with an absorbent lining, anti perspiration. A small pocket holds one or more memory cards.

Comes with screw connection

This screw attaches under the camera to the intended location of a foot. Made of stainless steel, the screw is standard to fit all cameras. Guarantee Resistance 9 Kg.

ATTENTION: supports a maximum of 300 2.8.

Bookmark and Share Weight : 240.00 g
Delivery schedule :
Remarks :

CAUTION this strap is supplied without the handle, it is optional. See References: TREKKING12333 and TREKKING12324.


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