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Sir (stroboscope – time gap meter – delay switch)

Ref : SIR

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Descriptive :

This item is made to get a subject with very fast or very low motion (from 1/1000 to 9900 s).
The time gap meter is to take photos every X sec. Two outputs: one on contact, the other one faster for the flash.

The delay switch delays the shot from a top. This top can be given by hand or given by an infrared gate (for example). Two outputs: one for flash, the other one, slower, is to be used as a relay.

The stroboscope part allows you to trigger off flashes using only 3 to 8 flashes. In fact it trigger off one flash after the other one and can do a rotation from 1 to 5 rounds. For example you want 6 stroboscopic shots and you have three flashes: connect the 3 flashes and adjust the stroboscope for 2 rounds, you will get: Flash n°1, Flash n°2, Flash n°3, Flash n°1, Flash n°2, Flash n°3.

The start of the stroboscope works with a top, in the same way as the delay switch.

Power supply: 12 v

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