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PLUTO - Trigger

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Descriptive :

PLUTO - Multifunction trigger:

Pluto Trigger is a high speed smart camera trigger which is controlled by a free iPhone / Android app via Bluetooth LE (low energy) which can be used for remote triggering, time lapse photography, HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography , video recording and light photography.

It allows your DSLR to take high speed photographs triggered by sound, light or something that breaks a laser beam intended for the Pluto Trigger (the laser is included).

With the built-in PIR sensor, the Pluto Trigger can detect the body heat of animals and take photos. It can also wait until a person smiles to take a photo or take photos triggered by movement or vibration. You know these fantastic photos of water drops colliding outdoors? There is also one mode for this (droplet solenoid valve required) - 24 modes in all.

Pluto Trigger has infrared (IR) remote control capability, which allows it to support a variety of cameras (not only DSLRs). . The app can even calculate the depth of field, the shutter speed when using an ND filter, 500 Sunrise / Sunset Rules and Times!

The camera trigger cable is required for the Pluto Trigger to work with your camera.

Do you want to trigger multiple cameras simultaneously and wirelessly? We have suitable radio triggers.

Refer to the User Manual and FAQs for more information. Check out the Quick Start Guide to see how easy it is to use the Pluto Trigger!

Make sure your phone supports Low Energy Bluetooth (Bluetooth LE or BLE). Compatible devices are iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3 or later, iPad Mini, Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 LE or later.

With PLUTO we can do:


  1.     a simple trip (pose B, burst, timer ...)
  2.     accelerated shooting (very practical used)
  3.     HDR up to 20 photos
  4.     a spun of stars
  5.     a video trigger in X minutes
  6.     taking a photo at an hour X of the day, every day
  7.     studio only laser trigger (water drop, milk)
  8.     sound trigger
  9.     trigger when the light appears or disappears
  10.     lightning, thunderstorm photo
  11.     trigger on passage of a hot body
  12.     trigger on suction of drops
  13.     triggering from a sensor of your manufacture
  14.     merger of several events
  15.     call on the word PLUTO by the telephone
  16.     trigger on a sound, a click
  17.     trigger on vibration
  18.     tearing by a movement detected by the phone camera
  19.     trip over a distance traveled with the phone's GPS
  20.     smile detection by phone
  21.     depth of field calculator
  22.     sunrise or sunset calculator
  23.     ND filter calculator
  24.     Rule 500 speed calculation for night break

Weight : 50.00 g

159.90 € VAT included Add to Cart

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