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PLUTO - Trigger

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Ref : PLUTO1

Not available

PLUTO - Trigger :

A very small trigger triggered bitch has a mobile phone application which gives up to 24 different possibilities.


Stills. Timelapse. Startrail. HDR. Video. Sound. Laser. Lightning. Proximity. Droplet. Shake. Smile. Motion.

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Laser remote control

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As the infra red release but constituted of a laser to the place of the transmitting one to infrarouge.

Electric power of the laser need 2 batteries of 1.5v. The receiver is supplied for him by a battery 9V.

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JAMA Delay

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Small and simple device made to shoot drops. The delay of the response is from 0,1 s up to 2 s. One output for the flash.

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JAMA Topmiroir

JAMA Topmiroir Larger image



An alternative to the high-speed shutter.

This small electronic box will keep the mirror is raised on pro and semi-pro DSLR. It decreases the response time down to 0.034s what falicite shooting insects, birds in flight with the IR barrier.

Remarks :

Comes with the power cord for your camera body.

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