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STEALTH CAM Trap photo G30

Ref : G30


Descriptive :

Photo Trap great nocturnal video as daytime. Definition own the night without noise or blur thanks to a Matrix technology and low-light sensitivity Retina are combined to give the Stealth Cam Series G quality and unequaled night.

As G42NG but with white LED with a span of 20m and a definition of 8MB pixel.

Pre simple and quick adjustment by a selector for each tripping you have the choice of four options, a high definition picture, a series of three pictures, an HD video or a custom function.

Sealing thoughtful that will over time, battery compartment up to 8 batteries. External power supply 12v battery.

Given the size of the files generated is recommended to take 32GB SD cards (up to 64GB) 10 Minimum class.

Life juqu'à batteries 1 year. Serie possible picture up to 9 picture.

HD 16: 9 1280x720 WITH sound. Video recording time adjustable from 10s to 180s. Photo up 10MB definition.

Possibility to install the GPS position of your trap, put a security password, to the time lapse.

Scope of infrared lighting up 20m white led.

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Remarks :

Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for pictures traps

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