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RECONYX - Ultrafire XR6 photo trap

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RECONYX - Ultrafire XR6 photo trap:

1080p HD video at 30 frames per second, including enhanced 24-bit digital stereo audio with wind noise reduction. 3.4, 5 and 8 megapixel image resolution options.

The 2.4 inch color TFT screen provides a much better user interface with the camera programming options, as well as playback of images and videos with sound directly on the camera.

The micro HDMI and USB output connections allow the user to play images and videos with sound directly on their high-definition television or to transfer data to their computer.

High-sensitivity image sensors coupled with the latest generation of concealed infrared night vision illuminators allow exceptionally sharp night images, even at extended distances of up to 20 meters.

Two dedicated camera lenses, one specially designed to provide rich daytime images and the other for clear night infrared photography without the need for a noisy infrared mechanical cutoff filter.

No moving parts mean more reliability and completely silent operation in the field.


  •     Reaction time in photo mode: 0.8s
  •     Detection angle: 52 °
  •     Detection range announced by the brand: 15m
  •     Lighting range at night: 12m
  •     Photo mode resolutions: 4.5 and 8 MP - equipped with two ultra HD lenses, day / night
  •     Night color photos: No
  •     Photos in 180 ° panoramic mode No
  •     Video mode resolution (s): 1280x720 HD - 30 fps - 60 fps 1920x1080 FULL HD - 30 fps
  •     Night color videos: No
  •     Maximum duration of daytime videos: 2 minutes
  •     Night lighting system: Incandescent flash visible at night No
  •     Maximum duration of night videos: 30s
  •     Burst mode: Yes
  •     Possibility to take one or more photos with a video in succession: Yes
  •     Daytime color photos and videos: Yes
  •     Monochrome photos and videos (black and white) at night: Yes
  •     Minimum recovery time between each photo or video: 0s
  •     Maximum battery life in photo mode announced by the brand: 20,000 photos with lithium batteries
  •     Maximum number of photos in burst mode: 10 (in less than 5s).
  •     Lithium batteries are recommended for this device Yes
  •     Display screen size: 6 cm
  •     Slider settings: No
  •     Night lighting system: Incandescent invisible flash at night No
  •     Night lighting system: LEDs barely visible at night No
  •     Night lighting system: white LEDs visible at night No
  •     Night lighting system: LEDs invisible at night Yes
  •     Inter-changeable lighting module: No
  •     Possibility to adjust the power of the Flash or LEDS: Yes
  •     Format and number of batteries (not supplied): AA x 12
  •     Device settings screen without viewing images No
  •     Settings screen and only viewing photos No
  •     Settings screen and viewing photos and videos Yes
  •     Adjustable sensitivity sensor: Yes
  •     Possible sensitivity settings: 5 levels including Low-Normal-High
  •     Time Lapse Mode (Sequential Mode - Chronophotographic): Yes
  •     Possibility to reduce motion blur in photos: No
  •     Time Lapse settings possible: 1,5,15 and 30 seconds 1 hour
  •     Timestamp on photos Yes
  •     Time programming possible: Day-night
  •     Focus distances in Time lapse mode 80 cm to infinity
  •     Detection mode and Time lapse combined: Yes
  •     Programmable security code: Yes
  •     Sound recording on videos: Yes
  •     Stereo audio recording on videos: Yes
  •     Possibility of recording in the device an MP3 / MP4 file to carry out an audio pass: No
  •     Dimensions of the device in cm (Length - Width-Depth): 12x10x8
  •     Memory card type (not supplied): SD, SDHC and SDXC
  •     Maximum memory card capacity: 32 GB
  •     Device delivered with a fixing strap Yes
  •     Camouflaged self-locking Python cable closes the device case: Yes
  •     Connection for external battery and / or solar panel: No
  •     2 years warranty
  •     For what use: Fast species, high quality images.

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