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JAMA Infrared remote control -BIR2

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JAMA Infrared remote control -BIR2


Your camera or flash will be controlled automatically and without delay by this infrared barrier as soon as the beam is cut. The infrared transmitter is equipped with two power possibilities of 2 m and 9 m.

A device makes it possible to avoid the erupted triggers following a battery too weak, the receiver allows you a choice among three sensitivities:

  • The insect position can detect the finest subjects such as a bee or a drop of water. Response time in insect position <1/2000.
  • The bird position will not trigger on the passage of an insect but only on the passage of the animal the size of a big nut. Response time in bird position <1/250.
  • The mammal position will allow you to trigger only on the passage of mammal such as a mouse, a cat or a squirrel. Response time in mammal position <1/100.

There are three output jacks available in the receiver:

  • A high speed connection that is not slowed down by the relay circuit and can be connected to the camera.
  • A high-speed connection that is not slowed down by the relay circuit and can be used to control a remote flash.
  • A relay socket that can be used to control all kinds of different equipment (flash, camera, motorization, control of transverse beams ...) This last output allows the use of the detection box cross, or a second housing.

It is advisable to use the option external power supply reference ALIM1 to use this infrared barrier for times greater than eight hours.
These three outputs are via standard 2.5mm jacks.

You must order with the BIR2:

  • the right remote control cable for your camera (see section Remote control cords - BIR2)
  • External battery if you leave for several hours as a photo trap.


Energy consumption by the transmitter: 0.02 A to 9v

Power consumption by the receiver: 0.01 A to 9v



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Remarks :

New version with reduced power consumption of the transmitter for a longer battery life.

Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for pictures traps

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