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NEW 2019

This new photo trap is a MIX of the performance of the ADVANTAGE model and the physical characteristics of the DARK OPS PRO XD model.
However, it differs with a shutter speed of 0.22 sec and HD video capture quality (900p or 720p) with audio for an attractive price of 229 € 90!

Browning's new 2019 model, the DARK OPS HD PRO X (BTC-6HDPX), is physically similar to the very compact DARK OPS XPRO D (BTC-6PXD) Photo Trap: same size, ingenious tilt system at the rear, 1.5 "color display, black diodes of infrared range latest generation! Except that it has only one sensor!

As far as the characteristics are concerned, we are getting closer to the ADVANTAGE model (BTC-8A), with its 20 MP, its detection distance up to + 25m ..., but nevertheless it differs with a fast trigger speed + 0.22 seconds, a 900p or 720p quality HD video capture (against a full HD quality for the ADVANTAGE model) and a more attractive price of 229 €!


  •     Maximum photo resolution: 20 MP (4 levels of resolutions: 20 MP / 12 MP / 8 MP / 4 MP)
  •     - Infrared range up to 25m by latest generation ultra powerful black diodes
  •     - Ultra fast detection in 0.22 seconds and minimum recovery in 0.6 seconds (adjustable time up to 60 min)
  •     - Detection distance up to + 25m
  •     - Accepts SD cards with a capacity up to 512GB
  •     Programming and visualization of snapshots on internal 1.5 "color screen
  •     - Very compact: 10.5 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm (one of the smallest on the market, what is more with a screen of visualization !!)
  •     - Dynamic video mode ("Smart IR video") (disengageable)
  •     - Possibility of writing in loop
  •     - No noise when triggering
  •     - Capture up to 8 photos in a burst with each detection,
  •     with 2 different modes of burst: fast (3 photos per sec) or slow (1 photo every 3 sec)
  •     - HD + 900p or HD 720p video capture with audio (duration from 5 sec to 2min, limited to 20 sec at night)
  •     - Stamping (disengageable) with date, time, phase of the
  •     moon, temperature (celsius / fahrenheit) and programmable name
  •     - Timelapse sequential mode
  •     - Works on 6 AA batteries (not included) (+ battery life)
  •     from 10000 to 15000 photos or nearly 1 year on lithium batteries
  •     Energizer), placed in a removable cart
  •     - External connection for power supply from
  •     12V battery or sector via adapted transformer
  •     - No standard 1/4 "screw
  •     - Position test mode
  •     - Comes with nylon strap with metal buckle
  •     - Integrated steel metal support for easy vertical adjustment of the positioning of the device

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