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Gigtube GWIIN2 For Nikon

Ref : GWIIN2


Descriptive :

Aputure GWII allows you to control the shooting or movie to a distance of 50 to 80 m in open areas, increased relative to the previous version of Gigtube. It uses a 2.4GHz radio frequency, admitted as normalized standard, which ensures a stable signal resistant to interference.

The Gigtube Aputure Wireless GWII fits perfectly in line with the original version of Gigtube GWI, while providing new features of particular interest:

Mini-Cam RSS: GWII has a mini-cam box integrated into the transmitter, equipped with a 50mm optics, which sends you a video signal picked up by the latter, and not by your DSLR. This feature is very useful, for example when using a box that does not have Live-view outlet.

4 steering boxes: The GWII can control four boxes at a time, providing you 4 different views on the LCD screen of your video receiver. Just press the "Tab" key on the receiver to switch to one or other of the various packages.

Video recording: Just press a button to start and stop video recording. Watch your wireless video stream, while freely moving around the unit as you wish.

Storing and Image Playback: The GWII now has an internal memory that can store up to 100 photos, captured by the Mini-cam feed on the issuer (but not taken with your camera These photos can not. be recorded when using the GWII in "Mini" mode.

Long battery life: Improving electronic circuits of GWII optimizes its energy consumption; he now has a battery life of 6 hours for transmitter and receiver and is equipped with lithium batteries 1200mAh.

Main features:

  • Receiver Size: 12.7 × 7.9 × 3 cm
  • Emitter Size: 8.7 x 5 x 4.1 cm
  • frequency 2.4G
  • Number of Channels: 4
  • Batteries: NP-60, 1200mAh, rechargeable Lithium
  • Screen 3.5 "TFT LCD 320x240px,
  • Horizontal Viewing Angle: 120 °
  • Vertical Viewing Angle: 105

Weight : 450.00 g

Remarks :

GWII-N2 AVR-N2-1 (Nikon) : D3X, D3S, D3, D300S. AVR-N2-2 (Nikon) : D7000, D90, D3100

250.00 € VAT included Add to Cart

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