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Rechargeable Battery AAA 4 PACK 900 mAh



Descriptive :

High Capacity Ready to use Ni-MH battery

Charge your battery whenever you want to.

Retain 75 % of the capacity after 1 year

With normal rechargeable batteries it made sense to charge them just before you wanted to use them. Too much risk otherwise that the battery did not provide full power when needed. Therefore there was a checkpoint on every vacation checklist: Charge batteries

The endless time until the batteries are finally charged.

Even with the most advanced and most expensive chargers it still takes 15 minutes. This can be a very long 15 minutes if the taxi is waiting at the door. Now you can forget all this, charge the eneloops whenever you have time for it and store them. The extremely low self discharge of eneloop saves you from all the charging stress. When you use eneloop in your houshold equipment, why not spend some extra money and purchase a set of spare eneloops. Keep these spare eneloops stored in a charged state and you will always have fresh batteries at hand whenever you need them.

Weight : 120.00 g

19.90 € VAT included Add to Cart

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