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Wimberley The Plamp Extension Rod (PP-210)

Ref : PP210


Descriptive :

The Plamp Extension Rod

The Plamp Extension Rod adds approximately 12 inches to the reach of the Plamp II and Ground Plamp. The rod is made of carbon fiber to achieve high rigidity at a fraction of the weight of other materials.

Fine Movement Abilities
The Plamp Extension Rod is an add-on accessory for the Plamp. It is intended to make capturing and moving your subject easier with fine movement capability and extended reach.

The Rod extension makes acquiring your subject easier. The Plamp is positioned to roughly support the item in question and the extension rod is slid forward and backward for fine-tuned positioning of the Plamp clip on the subject.

Subject Control:
Once Acquired, the Extension Rod enhances your control of the subject allowing deliberate translation and rotation of the subject. This is beneficial in most situation, but can be especially useful when working with fragile subjects where spring back of the Plamp arm could cause damage or move the subject from the desired positioning.

Lastly the Rod extension can be used to extend the reach of he Plamp. The rod is made of carbon fiber to achieve very high rigidity at a fraction of the weight of other materials. It can be used in series or mounted in a perpendicular fashion.

Extending in series:
The Plamp Il or ground Plamp may be extended by placing the end of the extension rod in the small clip as shown above. This method is slightly less secure than perpendicular gripping but should be sufficient for most applications.

Reflector Support:
Two Plamp Extension Rods can be used to act much like a kickstand to support a large reflector directly on the ground.

Reconnecting the ball and socket joints:
If the articulating joints are bent beyond the normal range of motion it is possible for them to pop apart. Fixing this is simply a matter of popping the segments back together. If this is exceptionally difficult, heat the socket with near-boiling water to make re-attachment easier.

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