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KIRK - L-Bracket for Nikon Z7 and Z6


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Descriptive :

KIRK - L-Bracket for Nikon Z7 and Z6:

The BL-Z L-bracket will only work if there is no L-bracket or plate attached to the FTZ adapter.

 To place the hex key in the key holder: if you hold the key vertically when you put the short end in the holder, you will hear a click and then you can easily press the long end


  •     Weight: 82 g
  •     Finish: black anodized
  •     Material: 6061-T6 aluminum
  •     Additional mounting hole: (1) 1 / 4-20
  •     Sensor centering lines: yes
  •     Loop of strap: yes
  •     Mounting Screws: Captive 1 / 4-20 Stainless Steel
  •     Slotted design for additional side access: Yes
  •     L-bracket vertical side arm: non removable
  •     Integrated Hex System: Yes

Questions and answers :

 Q. With the BL-Z L-mount attached to the camera, can I install and remove the FTZ adapter at the top of my tripod?

 A. Yes

 Q. Can the FTZ adapter be removed when the BL-Z L-bracket is attached?

 A. Yes

 Q. Can the BL-FTZ be attached to the FTZ adapter and an L-mount or plate on the camera at the same time?

 A. No, you can only use one plate or L-bracket on the camera or FTZ adapter at a time.

 Q. Does the BL-FTZ L-Bracket have anti-rotation lips on the front and back sides?

 A. Yes, it is machined to the contours of the front and rear of the FTZ adapter

 Q. Is the BL-FTZ split to allow more clearance for the FTZ adapter and the BL-FTZ L-bracket itself?

 A. Yes

 Q. Should the BL-FTZ be removed to access the F-mount lens release button?

 A. No, the BL-FTZ can be left in place because there is a lot of clearance

 Q. Can the FTZ adapter be removed from the Z7 when the BL-FTZ is connected?

 A. Yes

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