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GITZO - Panoramic disk Series 3, magnesium

Ref : GS3750D


Descriptive :

GITZO - Panoramic disk Series 3, magnesium:

The Gitzo GS3750D Panoramic Disc is a ball joint accessory that allows you to create an independent, graduated panoramic axis for your equipment that does not have this feature. It attaches to an upgrade base of a Systematic Gitzo tripod, below or below a kneecap that does not have an independent panning axis, or directly to a Gitzo tripod column to replace the top disc of the tripod. The panoramic axis can be determined independently of the orientation of the ball.

The 3/8 '' mount and the 1/4 '' - 3/8 '' adapter allow you to attach this panoramic disc to various tripods, ball joints and other supports. This model is made of lightweight, durable and durable magnesium. It weighs 210 g and supports a load of 12 kg. It is not equipped with a fast plate but a spirit level for precise framing.

  •     Panoramic magnesium disc for patella
  •     Offers an independent and graduated panoramic axis
  •     3/8 '' fitting with 1/4 '' - 3/8 '' adapter
  •     With bubble level and rubber camera holder

Safe Lock


The Safe Lock material is a special technopolymer that optimizes the locking and stabilizing torque of the device. It is used on the top discs of the tripods and on the ball joints, and in applications where the equipment is screwed to the support, in order to eliminate micro-movements and unwanted vibrations.

advanced spirit level


The ball joints have 4 bubble levels, 3 on the quick-release plate and one in the axis between the ball and the plate.

Double quick release system


This system consists of two lugs, one fixed and the other operated manually with a button, which prevent the equipment to come off abruptly of the patella when the release button quick release plate is operated. This system is extremely useful for heavy cameras or cameras with long lenses, or for telescopes.

    Warranty: 5 years

    5 years warranty extension
    This product is covered by the 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty and is eligible for a Warranty Extension for up to 5 years by registering your product online.

Weight : 210.00 g

277.90 € VAT included Add to Cart

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