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Micnova MQ-MB100 Sensor Cleaner Static Cleaning Brush w/LED Lens

Ref : MQMB100


Descriptive :

Micnova MQ-MB100 Sensor Cleaner Static Cleaning Brush w/LED Lens Pen for Cameras

During our daily use of a DSLR camera, the sensor is inevitably exposed to the atmosphere, especially when cleaning a lens. As a result, impurities in the air stay on the sensor. To get clear photos, these impurities must be cleaned by a dusting tool. However, present dusting tool in the market have drawbacks, e.g., a canned air blower can disperse dust on the sensor as well. So we develop the static electricity cleaning brush.

It's equipped with a rotary motor which can actuate the bristles to charge which can attach debris on the sensor. In addition, with the 4 super bright LED lights, the operator can see clearly while do the cleaning.


  1. Three-stage power switch
  2. Equipped with 4 super bright LED lights that illuminates the sensor while in operation
  3. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  4. Equipped with super thin fibers
  • Motor Power: 90mW
  • Approx. Size: 182 x 30 x 25mm

Bookmark and Share Weight : 100.00 g
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