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WILDLIFE - C33L - Tente affût mobile Lightweight (coloris Hardwoods Green or All terrain pattern)



Descriptive :

WILDLIFE - C33 L - Lightweight mobile looking tents (color Hardwoods Green or All terrain pattern)

 LIGHT Version - 500 g

The "ghost of the woods" outfit, very easy to use and light allows to be very mobile!
This model, particularly adapted to the heat of the summer, is the lightest of the game ghost of the woods. Its fabric is lightweight and it will let you breathe.
This cape completely covers the body and allows to cover the material of the photographer (tripod, seat ...) to blend in the natural environment.
A very wide opening allows the passage of the lens.
A net in front of the face gives good visibility but Velcro can hide it if you wish.
A hat or cap will be very helpful in keeping the fabric in place in front of the eyes.
Camouflage style more suitable for caches in aerated forests (clearing, autumn, for example) and for the mountain because of its ultra light weight!

  • Dimensions of the wood ghost (see photo):
    1m70 high (at the highest point: head / feet)

    1m 47 high (at the lowest point: objective location)

    1m60 wide
  • Dimensions of the folded wood ghost:
    10 cm in diameter

    25 cm in length
  • Weight:
    500 g

To transport use bag camouflage (ref: SACMED) CLICK HERE

Weight : 500.00 g

114.00 € VAT included Add to Cart

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