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Gitzo pendular head Fluid

Ref : GHFG1


Descriptive :

Pendular head Fluid

Once again, Gitzo lives up to his reputation.

Thus, the new pendulum ball-head offers movements of exceptional fluidity.

  • Ideal for wildlife photography
  • Perfect balancing of high loads
  • Remarkable flow of movement

The new pendulum ball joint meets all user expectations.


Modern design and sleek lines: Gitzo's Black Decor finish and precise details bring beauty and functionality to this new pendulum.

The new swiveling pendulum ball is equipped with a long Arca Swiss type plate, fast and highly secure for heavy equipment.


Optimal control for slow and fast panoramic shots.

The system offers a remarkable fluidity for slow shots, an essential feature on pendulum ball joints to allow the user to precisely control the movements during shooting (thus avoiding shocks and vibrations).

For high speed rotations (when the user needs to quickly reposition his camera), the ball joint disables the fluid rotation and allows free movement.

The fluid rotation is restored automatically as soon as the speed of rotation decreases, for an unparalleled comfort of use.

Technical characteristics

  • Platen position (mm): Adjustable (from 0 to -121.5 mm from the rocker axis)
  • Balancing: Self-balancing (by adjusting the horizontal tray position on the vertical tray)
  • Load capacity: 8 kg
  • Panoramic angle: 360 °
  • Tilt flow: Continuous
  • Panoramic Fluidity: Continuous and auto-disable (fast shots)
  • Base: Plate 60 mm, 3/8 "UNC mounting
  • Weight: 1,4 kg (with guide handle and without tray)
  • Tray type: Arca-Swiss long tray, 1/4 "UNC mounting
  • Spirit Level: no
  • Main material: Magnesium HPDC, Black finish
  • Finish metal elements: Black and gray anodized
  • Guide handle: Supplied, adjustable position

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