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FEISOL Ball Head CB-70D with Release Plate QP-144750

Ref : CB70D


Descriptive :

Durable yet Precise Design for Large Tripods! Featuring FEISOL's own dual-caliper lock design.

For durability that does not compromise precision in operation, look no further than the FEISOL CB-70H Ball Head. FEISOL has developed the CB-70H to its own exact specifications, using the highest quality alloys and CNC-precision manufacturing.

The FEISOL CB-70H Ball Head utilizes an innovative locking design to optimize stability and functionality. FEISOL's own dual-caliper locking mechanism allows the CB-70H to be secured in two ways: one system locks the ball head sphere, while the other locks the base plate. Not only does this add greater stability, but it allows the base plate to be rotated while the sphere remains locked.

The CB-70H is designed to support medium and large format cameras on our large series tripods.


  • Height: 12.5cm / 4.92 inches
  • Weight: 970g / 2.14 lbs
  • Ball Diameter: 70mm / 2.75 inches
  • Max. Load: 38Kg / 83 lbs
  • Thread Size: 3/8"

Instant QP-144750 Quick Release Plate Operation:

To insert

  • loosen Quick Release Knob
  • press Safety Button
  • insert Plate and lock in place
  • tighten Quick Release Knob

To detach

  • loosen Quick Release Knob
  • press Safety Button and remove Plate

Seamless Friction Controlled Movement!

To ensure smooth camera adjustment with the CB-70H

  • loosen Ball Locking Knob to desired tension
  • lightly tighten Friction Control Knob (no more than half a turn)
  • friction is maintained when Ball Locking Knob is released -no further adjustment needed

FEISOL Ball Heads meet the highest standards of precision, accuracy, and durability to deliver flawless operation day after day, year after year. Trust FEISOL to offer the finest products available to bring your creative capabilities to the next level.

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