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FEISOL Ballhead CB-50D with QP-144750

Ref : CB50D

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Descriptive :

CB-50D is designed especially for our tournament class tripod. By attaching CB-50D, our new tripod leg tubes will not touch the ballhead knobs at its' reverse folding position. The sphere and the base plate of CB-50D are controlled by individual locking mechanisms. CB-50HN locks both its' sphere and base plate by a main knob, but adding a sphere control knob to lock the sphere alone and the plate rotates freely.

To insert the quick release plate: First, loosen the (3)Quick release knob. Press the (1)safety button to insert the quick release plate on the ballhead plate base. Make sure the plate is securely locked by (2) safety lock in position by rocking the plate back and forth on the plate base. Then tighten the (3) Quick release knob.

To release the quick release plate: First, loosen the (3). Quick release knob. Then press (1) safety button inward to release the quick release plate. (4) Ballhead locking knob: This is a very convenient design. By turning one single knob, one can easily adjust the position of the ballhead and rotating angle of the base.

(5) Friction control knob can control the amount of the friction applied to the ballhead. First loosen the ballhead locking knob to the degree one desires, then tighten the friction control knob lightly. Then every time one releases the ballhead locking knob, the friction of the ballhead will be set to the pre-set degree.

Friction control knob only needs to be adjusted once, and do not turn it more than half turn..(6) Ball Locking Knob: This knob locks the ball but still allow 360 degree horizontal base movement.

It's best used for horizontal level photography. When not in a horizontal level shooting environment, it's best to use (4) Ballhead Locking Knob to lock the ballhead and base for speedy action.

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Idéale avec la combinaison Sidekick de Wimberley...!

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