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ARCA SWISS - Monoball Z1 + sp ball joint with quick clamp (801103)



Descriptive :

ARCA SWISS - Monoball Z1 + sp ball joint with quick clamp (801103) :


Resolutely PROFESSIONAL...!! We go there in the category of ball PRO. The Arca-Swiss ball are repeated today by the models of its Series B introducing the new Z Series also elegant, but even more perfect, so convenient, reliable...!

Size and weight are significantly reduced. The connection between the ball and the attachment system is now a patented bayonet mount, thanks to the many accessories available, instantly adapts the Z series for all uses.

Advanced and patented aspherical ball as the axial locking and progressive friction control according to movement (PMF progressive motion related friction control) characteristics have been optimized with new technical solutions, materials and coatings.

The Z series thus supports an eccentric load up to 60kg! The Z Series is available in the Z sp Version (single pan) or in the Z dp (double pan) release.

With monoball Z dp and second panning in the fixation device, it always stays perfectly in the vertical plane of rotation. The images taken during the panning therefore flock to perfection!

  • Height: 103mm
  • Width: 104mm
  • Diameter of the base of the head: 70mm
  • Weight of ball: 690g
  • The head is capable of carrying 60kg

warranty 3 years

Bookmark and Share Weight : 690.00 g
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System with quick release plate

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