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Acratech Ball Head GP-SS (with screw clamp)

Ref : ACRA1185


Descriptive :

GP-ss has exactly the same characteristics as the GP-s but it is even more compact.

The new ball head Acratech GP-ss can also be used as a pendulum head (up to 400 f / 4) and a panoramic head.

Its originality comes from its ability to perform these functions impeccably. It is sufficient to return the ball for a base perfect upgrade for taking panoramic view terrain, rendering obsolete the transport of an extra base.


  • Works like tilting head to targets 400 f4.0
  • Weighs less than 380 g
  • Base diameter: 83 mm
  • Height: 95 mm
  • Maximum overall diameter: 72 mm
  • Home Quick Release Clamp System
  • Easily supports 11.4 kg whatever the angle
  • omnidirectional
  • Compatible with Kirk, Arca, RRSet many other QR plates.
  • Fits standard tripods (1/4-20 and 3/8-16).
  • Laser marking degrees
  • Anodized black finish steel
  • Made of stainless steel
  • All buttons are secured to prevent their loss due to vibration.
  • The ball greased or oiled or prevents fouling and deposit of dirt and dust.

Comes with Arca-compatible clamp with safety pin and bubble level.

Bookmark and Share Weight : 405.00 g
Delivery schedule :
Remarks :

Please note that the ball is delivered without plate

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