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Ewa Marine For cameras without autofocus

Ref : UF

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Descriptive :

The first housing U-F-Series, an U-F, was originally designed in 1970 to accommodate the SLR cameras of that period. These SLR's were fully manual cameras that need manual focusing of the lens and manual film transport via a leaver on the top of the camera.

Although these kind of cameras are rarely used today, similar units are still in production, the best known most probably being ever popular Leica M-System.

Never the less, the housing is still the best choice professional photographers for certain applications today. Although you might be using it with manual settings on a modern, digital SLR or another upmarket digital camera, it would be that unit that offers the best results in camera work around the waters surface, in surf or in small boats and canoes.

Over the years, the U-F-Series has been subject to an ever ongoing evolution of updates and the modern U-F, although still functioning and looking very similar to the first U-F from 1970 does not share a single component.

Weight : 375.00 g

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