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SUNWAYFOTO- FL-120 Compact Bi-Color Photo & Video LED Panel - 4000 mAh

Ref : SN4000


Descriptive :

SUNWAYFOTO- KIT FL-120 LED panel compact photo & video two-color - 4000 mAh + HB-02 mini ball head support:

This LED Kit includes the main Led with Powerbank function, a HB-02 mini-ball head and a flat support, all allowing to precisely illuminate a subject at ground level or on a table, or at height with the LED and its ball head directly fixed in height on a tripod.


The SN4000 LED panel offers a power of 10W and its 120 diodes give a lighting intensity of 720 lumens thanks to its internal 4000 mAh battery which recharges in less than 2 hours thanks to a Type-C plug.

Once charged, the battery not only powers the lighting function but also allows you to charge another accessory such as a smartphone from the integrated USB socket

. The SN4000 Led is equipped with a power variator which allows to adjust and display an autonomy of 1 hour at 100% or 20 hours at 5%. You can also adjust its color temperature between 3000 ° K-5500 ° K.

The surface of the Led incorporates a Diffuser which softens the light. It is equipped with a 1/4 screw thread to fix it on a tripod.

  •     Dimensions: 144mm x 71mm x 10mm.
  •     Weight: 150g.

Weight : 150.00 g

115.00 € VAT included Add to Cart

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