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LEE FILTERS 100mm - Foundation Kit (Standard 4x4", 4x6" Filter Holder) without adapter ring



Descriptive :

LEE Filters Foundation Kit without adapter ring

The filter holder LEE Filters Foundation Kit, is the fundamental element of LEE Filters system. It allows you to embed your filters securely to place the front of your lens. With its patented fixing system, you can place it on your lens with one hand!

Earn up to 3 filters!
The Foundation Kit is composed of multiple components assembled in one filter holder, which allows you to customize at will. For example you will be able to choose between 1 and 3 compartments for your filters, add a frontal ring for a polarizing filter, or to attach a giant sunshade. This kit includes all necessary components (small screwdriver supplied) to mount this versatile filter door.

Compatible with ultra wide-angle lenses
The Foundation LEE filter holder Kit, can store images without vignetting up to 16mm (10mm on APS-C). However you will need to adjust the number of compartment according to the minimum focal length to achieve:

  • A compartment = 16 mm
  • Two compartments = 17 mm
  • Three compartments = 21-24 mm

To attach the filter holder you'll need an adapter ring that will screw you on your goals. So if you have multiple objectives of different diameters, no need to change the filter holder. You will only need to acquire several rings to adapt to the diameter or the focal length of your lenses.

There are two types of rings:

  1. Standard adapter ring: Perfect for greater than or equal to 24mm focal lengths,
  2. Wide-angle adapter ring: Specially designed for ultra wide-angle optical between 16mm and 24mm. The latter is of course also screwed over longer focal lengths such as 200mm.

Then the filter holder is clipped onto an adapter ring (not included) that attaches to the lens. The size of this ring is to be chosen depending on the diameter of the lens used.

This support allows you to mount up to 3 filters simultaneously, although the addition of a fourth compartment is physically possible.

It is also compatible with all types of reflex.

An evolutionary filter holder.

Screw a polarizing filter in front of his filter holder it is possible!
Know that you can add a polarizing filter circular screwing this guy in front of the filter holder. It's so convenient to be able to turn this filter regardless of your GND / ND filters and without having to disassemble! The frontal ring for 105mm polarizing filter is therefore the best compromise. It is provided with a thread for you to screw a 105mm giant filter to be free to remove or place it without removing and unscrew the adapter ring already fixed on your goal.

Another tip, you can also adjust the compartments with additional screws to accommodate filters with a thickness of 1mm and 4mm.

Add a second filter holder in tandem.
If you want to rotate your filters GND independently or combine more than 4 filter, a second filter holder can be attached to the Foundation Kit. The LEE Filters "Upgrade Kit" consists of a filter holder together with a tandem adapter to allow you to merge the two.

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Manufactured by LEE Filters, Andover, England

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