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Lee Filters Filter ND 1000 Little Stopper 6 stops 100x100mm

Ref : LLS6100U2


Descriptive :

LEE Filters Filter ND64 Little Stopper ™ 6 stops 100x100mm + protective metal case

Specially designed for digital cameras, the ND filter a bit special allows for long exposures unusual.

During the day it can significantly reduce your shutter speed of 6 stops. The effects obtained are new to blur moving subjects in your picture as clouds, waterfalls, rivers or waves. This filter can also be used in urban environment to blur a crowd or a traffic ...

His handcrafted glass gives it an exceptional neutrality for this extreme density. It absorbs more infrared and ultraviolet than traditional resin ND filter. Therefore, this glass filter thus provides more powerful images with less discoloration or color change.

How to use the Little Stopper™?

Due to its high density (ND 64), this filter requires some particular implementation:

  • Before sliding the Little Stopper ™ on the filter holder, first dial your image.
  • Take a measure of exposure without the filter, and adjust your aperture and the desired speed.
  • Multiply the extent of your exposure by 6. For example: If your meter (internal or external) suggest an exposure of 1 / 125s f / 11, when the Little Stopper ™ installed, your exposure will become 1 / 4s to always f / 11. Similarly, if your exposure is from 2s to f / 11, with the Little Stop your speed will then reach 2 minutes!
  • Once Little Stopper inserted in the nearest compartment of your mind, attach the filter holder and make your picture.
  • Remember to cover the optical viewfinder of your SLR camera to prevent light from contaminating the sensor or Photo etched and creating flare. Note that some reflex are equipped with a cache in the viewfinder as the Canon 1D series.
  • Finally enjoy the results

We recommend using a tripod as robust as possible, which will allow you to make long crisp poses, without fear of touching it or your camera while shooting.

The Little Stopper ™ can be used in conjunction with other filters as GND. Other filters must be secured and positioned in the filter holder as usual, but always leaving the nearest optics, free compartment to accommodate the Little Stopper ™.

White balance
Use Little Stopper ™ may cause slight variation in colors. It is always interesting to perform some tests to find out which white balance apply, shooting, post-processing or using other correction filters. If you shoot in RAW (recommended), the slightest color variation can be easily corrected in post-processing.

  • Material: Glass
  • Filter Type: neutral filter (ND)
  • Type of graduation: Standard - united
  • Filter size: 4x4 "(100x100mm)
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Stop Gain: ND 1000: 10 stops

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Remarks :

Manufactured by LEE Filters in Andover, England.

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