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Lee Filters Big Stopper 10 Stop ND Filter

Ref : LBS10100U2


Descriptive :

Lee Big Stopper.... now supplied in tins!

The most desirable filter in the world is now even better! Lee Filters are now supplying their sought after Big Stopper in a metal tin! Replacing the earlier fabric pouch it's not only thinner, more compact but much more protective. A foam padded interior just adds to the security offered.

The Big Stopper is a high quality glass ten stop long exposure filter. It reduces the amount of light entering your lens by ten stops allowing you to use a much slower shutter speed or wider lens aperture.??By extending your exposure times the BIG Stopper has the effect of allowing anything that is moving in your image to become blurred or ghost like, for example, clouds, waterfalls, rivers, and the sea.

The BIG Stopper fits in the standard LEE 100mm Filter Holder allowing it to be used on a number of different lenses as well as in conjunction with other filters in their range.

How to use the Big Stopper™?
Due to its high density (ND 1000), this filter requires some particular implementation:

  • Before sliding the Big Stopper™ on the filter holder, first dial your image.
  • Take a measure of exposure without the filter, and adjust your aperture and the desired speed.
  • Multiply the extent of your exposure by 10. For example: If your meter (internal or external) suggest an exposure of 1 / 125s f / 11, when the Big Stopper™ installed, your exposure will become 8s still f / 11. Similarly, if your exposure is from 2s to f / 11, with the Big Stop your speed will then reach 32 minutes!
  • Once the Big Stopper inserted into the nearest compartment of your mind, attach the filter holder and make your picture.
  • Remember to cover the optical viewfinder of your SLR camera to prevent light from contaminating the sensor or Photo etched and creating flare. Note that some reflex are equipped with a cache in the viewfinder as the Canon 1D series.
  • Finally enjoy the results

We recommend using a tripod as robust as possible, which will allow you to make long crisp poses, without fear of touching it or your camera while shooting.

The Big Stopper™ can be used in conjunction with other filters as GND. Other filters must be secured and positioned in the filter holder as usual, but always leaving the nearest compartment optics, free to host the Big Stopper™.

An even homemade.
LEE Filters The filters have earned a solid reputation among professional photographers for over 35 years. Despite the advanced technology cameras and post-processing techniques, many professional photographers continue to use these filters for their effectiveness on the ground. By getting from shooting a larger dynamic, you will spend much more time to fine tune your settings while shooting, to try to make up an image behind your computer. LEE provided for many years the film industry, television and the theater where quality is paramount. It's simple, lower quality filters will give you a gross loss of sharpness, chromatic abberrations, flare, and / or turns magenta / green colors.

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Manufactured by LEE Filters, Andover, England

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