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KENKO - Filter Protector REALPRO MC Slim 67mm

Ref : KRPRO67


Descriptive :

KENKO - Filter Protector REALPRO MC Slim 67mm:


The REALPRO series is designed to Kenko's quality control standards and experience in the production of photographic filters. The REALPRO series aims to meet the requirements of professional and amateur photographers, increasingly varied and specific.

    Protect your precious lens from dust, scratches and damage.

REALPRO Protector is a perfect option for those who prefer to use the lens safely and protect against unexpected physical damage. The REALPRO protector is made of fine, clear glass that will not affect the overall quality of your image. suggested for all camera lens users and especially active outdoor photographers working in extreme conditions.

    The filter that stays clear for a long time.

 One of the important features of the REALPRO series is Stain-Resistant Coating (ASC), which represents a new generation of Kenko coating technology. Thanks to a new coating formula, the REALPRO UV filter surface will drop moisture and water down leaving the filter clean. Thus, you will not need to clean the filter for a long time and the maintenance will become incredibly easier and safer. Thanks to the smooth surface of the filter, dust and stains can be wiped more easily because they do not stick so strongly to the glass. The time you devote to the routine after the treatment will be significantly reduced and the cleaning process will not bother you anymore. This feature is highly appreciated by extremely photographers who shoot outdoors in various weather conditions.

    Each light will reach the camera's sensor for a clear, crisp image.

Since the sensor of DSLRs or less mirror cameras becomes more sensitive to light passing through the lens, Anti-Reflection Multi Coating is a must for photographic filters. Kenko Anti-Reflection Multi-Coating Technology, already a standard for every Kenko filter, provides maximum light transmission and protection against eruptions and ghosting caused by stray glare.

    Thin frame:

    Use with any objective and without loss of light. REALPRO Protector adopts an ultra thin frame to avoid vignetting effect on wide angle and super wide angle lenses.

    Knurled edge frame:

    The frame of REALPRO Protector is equipped with a knurling surface to prevent slipping, which facilitates attachment and removal.

    Black frame of Almite:

    In order to minimize unwanted reflections, REALPRO Protector adopts a black satin almite aluminum frame. The satin finish will increase the friction between the fingers and the frame for fast operation and the satin black frame will minimize internal reflections.
    To reduce the reflections of the internal light on the edge of the filter glass Kenko uses the technology of black rim. The outer edge of the glass plate is treated with a specific black ink to prevent light leakage.

    Wide variety of sizes:

    In order to meet the requirements of the widest possible range of photographers, REALPRO Protector is available in a full range of sizes ranging from 37mm for 95mm non-reflex cameras to 105mm for high-end telephoto and broadcast .

    UV protected housing:

    Each REALPRO Protector comes with a durable reusable plastic case with UV-Cut function. Since the polarization film is sensitive to UV light, the REALPRO housing will extend the life of the filter.

Weight : 80.00 g

34.30 € VAT included Add to Cart

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