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KASE Filters - High-end filter kit Wolverine series



Descriptive :

KASE Filters - Kit High-end Wolverine series 100 mm K9 (2.0):

KASE Filters are recognized in France and around the world for the high quality of their product and also for their ease of use.

Kase is a brand that offers high quality almost unbreakable filters with its Wolverine range.

Renowned in the world of photographers, these filters will allow you to manage the light during your shots.

Without loss of quality and with respected colorimetry, these filters offer a perfect alternative to brands on the market.

This kit includes an ND64 filter, a graduated filter and an inverted graduated filter. With the universal filter holder from Kase, you can mount any type of filter in 100mm, giving you limitless possibilities of evolution.

The assembly and disassembly of the filter holder is done by a system of magnets, which allows easy and quick assembly / disassembly, even in cold weather or rain.

The K9 filter support allows you to put 1, 2 or 3 filters but to avoid any risk of vignetting, you can put the support for a single filter.

The filter holder incorporates the polarizing filter if necessary and a clearly visible red knob allows you to adjust the effect.

The filter holder knob is used to either adjust, lock and release the filter.

The polarizing filter is 90mm in diameter to avoid vignetting. (against 86 mm in general).

The K9 filter holder weighs only 48g.

  • The entire range of filters offered by KASE Filter are treated:
  •     shockproof *
  •     multilayer
  •     anti-infrared
  •     Water repellent
  •     anti dust
  •     anti-mold

* Capable of withstanding a drop of 1.2m high on concrete.
The kits come with a pouch with many compartments.
This pouch can be hung on a belt or as a shoulder strap.

This kit includes:

  •     The K9 filter holder
  •     a 90 mm polarizing filter
  •     77-90mm / 82-90mm magnetic adapter rings
  •     adapter rings 67-82 mm / 72-82 mm
  •     Filter 100x100 2mm 6 stop (64) ND
  •     Filter 100x150 2mm 3 stop (0.9) Soft GND
  •     Filter 100x150 2mm 3 stop (0.9) REVERSE GND
  •     Storage pouch.

The Reverse filter minimizes the light output of the setting sun while leaving maximum light on clouds and below the horizon line.

Weight : 1060.00 g

529.00 € VAT included Add to Cart

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